13Kg Butane Gas Cylinder 21mm

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13KG Butane Gas Cylinder 21mm with Free delivery

Please be aware from the 1st of February there has been an increase to the price of cylinders due to rising prices in the whole gas market. This is an industry wide rise that has been ongoing for some time with other suppliers increasing continuously and continuing to do so.
We have done our best to absorb rises where possible to keep a steady pricing structure but unfortunately with this last round of rises we have only been able to absorb part of this increase.
As and when the market price falls we will reduce the cost of our cylinders.

These butane gas cylinders are a direct replacement for Calor butane bottles with the 21mm clip on connection.

We also have a sliding scale on pricing so the more you order the cheaper they are!
Standard delivery lead time is with in 2 working days of order placement.

They are used in domestic gas heaters and also on BBQ's

Capacity: 13KG Butane

Connection: 21mm

Tare Weight: 13.2Kg

Height: 560mm 

Diameter: 310mm

Recommended Off take 32,000 BTU/Hr