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Switching from another supplier

East Coast Bottled Gas delivery cylinders through out a large part of Lincolnshire. Many of our first time customers have been with their previous suppliers for many years and don't realise that switching is so simple.  All Gas bottles whether it be a 47Kg Propane, a 19Kg propane or a 13Kg butane can be supplied by us and will be a direct replacement for your Calor or Flogas gas bottles.  We do not require an exchange gas bottle but there will be a New Cylinder charge of £25 if you do not have an empty Energas cylinder. Therefore switching is as easy as giving us a call or placing an order online.

47Kg Gas cylinders or in fact all propane cylinders no matter who the supplier use the same gas from the same refineries and are all of the same specification.

Butane cylinders have the option of two separate size connectors with the standard being a 21mm clip on. Calor gas butane cylinders are blue in colour and have a 21mm connection, if you purchase Flogas gas bottles then they will be a mustard colour.  The butane cylinders that we supply are a direct replacement.

So if your looking save money on your 47Kg Gas Bottles for your home heating or on  butane for your indoor heaters then East Coast Bottled Gas can help.